All In for the Eagles

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ALL IN for the Eagles?
A Bishop Watterson event for Eagles worldwide to come together as one Eagle family to show support.

When can I show that I’m ALL IN?
The event begins at 7:00 a.m. on April 17 and ends at 8:00 p.m. on April 19. Want to donate early? CLICK HERE to visit the pre-launch page.

Who can participate?
Everyone! Our goal is 500 donors.

What counts toward this giving day?
Any gift made between April 17 and April 19 or gifts made via the pre-launch page count toward our goal. If you have a question about a particular gift, contact Tyler Johnston.

Is this Giving Day part of the Annual Fund?
These are not the same event. ALL IN for the Eagles will support both immediate and long-term priorities at Bishop Watterson. Funds raised will support our efforts to grow in faith, build community and instill a drive for excellence. Give to what you love, give to the family you love.

Will my name and donation amount be visible on the campaign page?
Your name will appear on the campaign page. No amounts are listed unless you offer a match or challenge. If you wish, you can also choose to remain anonymous.

How will my donation count toward my class year?
When you make your gift, you will select your designation (alumni, parent, student, staff, grandparent, etc). Once you select your designation, your gift will be counted as part of that group and added to the total. Every gift counts. Give to the family you love!

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. As with any charitable contribution to Bishop Watterson, your gift to ALL IN for the Eagles is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Your tax receipt will be emailed once a gift is made. If you have additional questions on tax deductions, please consult your tax advisor.

How can I help make All In for the Eagles more successful?
First and foremost, make your gift and lead by example to show that you are ALL IN. Once you’ve done that, you can help by becoming an advocate on GiveCampus and spread the word via your social media or emails. For more, see <3 Easy Ways to Show your Support doc>

Have questions?
Please contact the Development Office by calling (614) 268-8671 ext. 239 or emailing Tyler Johnston


We’ve prepared a digital toolkit to help you easily spread the word and encourage Eagles around the world to be ALL IN for the Eagles!

To learn more, please email the Bishop Watterson team at or call the team at (614) 268-8671 ext239.


3 Easy Ways to Show Your Support

Help make ALL IN for the EAGLES a success!


Every gift counts, no matter the size. Demonstrate to your friends, classmates, fellow parents or peers that you lead by example. Show them that you’re ALL IN. Be among the first in your group to support Bishop Watterson.

How: Click on the Give Here button above between April 17-19 and make your gift. Check back often for new matches or challenges.


Create a GiveCampus account and spread the word! Your account will allow you to track your impact in real time.

How: Use the buttons at the top of the campaign page to share via email, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Set-up a matching gift or challenge your friends or classmates to meet a goal that you set to help further support the Eagles!

How: Click on ‘Offer a Match’ or ‘Offer a Challenge’ buttons on the campaign page.

Questions or need help?  Call (614) 268-8671 ext. 239 or email

Inspire Others With Your Gift

Your match or challenge gift can inspire other Eagles to give and help to multiply your gift. Every gift matters as we show we are ALL IN for the Eagles.

How to Create a Matching Gift

Click on the button above.

1. Enter the amount you wish to match (e.g. up to $500)

2. Select if you want your dollar match to be 1:1

You can also choose to donate $2 (or any other amount) for $1 donated by selecting “other”. Or make a “per donor” match and donate a specific amount for every donor who gives

3. Select when the match should end (e.g. 1pm on April 21)

Most matches are not restricted, but you can restrict your match to apply only to fellow classmates, parents, etc.

4. Enter your payment information

5. Now encourage others to join you in supporting the Eagles

6. Track your match’s progress on the Advocates tab or the campaign page

How to Create a Challenge Gift

Click on the button above.

1. Enter the amount you wish to donate for your challenge (e.g. $2,500)

2. Select if your challenge is donor or dollar based

E.g. I will give $2,500 if 50 donors give …

3. Select the end time of your challenge (e.g. your challenge can be set to last for several hours, days, etc.)

4. Select whether your challenge is for everyone or only a certain designation such as your graduating class or fellow parents, students, etc.

Sample Email

Do you have an email distribution list of classmates, parents, or Bishop Watterson alumni? Please consider helping us by sending an email to your distribution list inviting them to join us and to be ALL IN for the Eagles.


Dear [Classmates or Fellow Parents],

ALL IN for the Eagles starts today—and it’s a terrific time to support what you love about Bishop Watterson!

Today I hope you’ll give to what matters most to you. Maybe it’s encouraging growth in faith for our students or building the BWHS community. Perhaps it’s supportint the Bishop Watterson staff to instill a drive for excellence Whatever sparks your interest will inspire something amazing on campus!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Make your gift – Gifts of any size matter. Lead by example and show your peers that you support the Eagles. Simply visit <> to make a donation.
  2. Advocate and share – Become a GiveCampus advocate and spread the word to your Bishop Watterson friends and family. Don’t forget to use the #ALLINeagles hashtag!

Your gift has a multiplier effect this week, so please give now! We can make an impact for Bishop Watterson students this spring and beyond.

Thank you for your generosity and Go Eagles!


[Your Name]


P.S. For updates on the challenge, visit <<>> or follow BWHS on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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