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Super National Latin Exam Results for BWHS

Nearly 90 percent of Bishop Watterson’s Latin students received awards for their scoring on the National Latin Exam.

This year Bishop Watterson students earned: 27 gold medals; 15 silver medals; 18 3rd place magna cum laude certificates and 17 4th place cum laude certificates. Of the 88 students who took the test 78 will receive awards (89%).

Of Special Note:
Senior Trevor James won his fourth gold medal and will receive an Oxford Classical Dictionary as an award.
Freshman Monica Buoni earned a Perfect Paper which gives her a gold medal.
Juniors Allison Bonnell, Matt Neary, Ellie Ganz, Jacob Ritchey, Dominic Lombardi earned gold medals for the third straight year.

Gold Medal (Summa Cum Laude): Mason Fisher, Gino Dettorre, Ben Kring, Kathryn Morrice, Kiera Gran, Megan Luft, Maddy Statczar, John Bair, Annie Voegele, Ashley Rogers, Anthony Valentino, Sophia Wible, Shannon Maloney, Sarah Marino, Nate Boone, Megan Davidson, Claire Kudika, Elizabeth Kish, Dylan Egle and Clare Aman.

Silver Medals (Maxima Cum Laude): Sean Zielke, Katie Santanello, Hailey Mattes, Ansley Rothwell, Carolyn Dinehart, Kelsey Eldred, Trey Baird, Chelsea Merkle, Kevin Beattie, Lorin Sagona, Elise Guveiyan, Tyler Carter, Ryan Mar, Alexandra Michalski and Patrick Frecker.

3rd place Magna Cum Laude Certificate: Alisa Noll, Paulina Eberts. Joe DiOrio, Cullen Willett, Bryan Hare, Andy Simmons, Lauren Reinhard, Leah Paskell, Anna Green, Kaleigh O’Reilly, Grace Thomas, Nicole Fisher, Kelsey Fisher, Lukas Picolo, Laura Teterick, Elena Ritchey, Caroline Tribbie and Tess Golonka.

4th place Cum Laude Certificate: Emily Wiegandt, Bradley D’Sa, Maggie Belcher, Thomas Wagner, Elise Miller, Scott Engram, Brady Naumovski, Stephen Golonka, Hannah Manion, Gabriella Larsen, Joel Silleck, Patrick Holthus, Nickolaus Wilimitis, Michael Leahy, Shannon Boyne,Hannah Weaver and Anneliese Schenk.