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BWHS Students Pen Books

Two Bishop Watterson students have recently published books: senior Kati Eberhart and freshman Alex Proca. Both students are self-published authors, and have written books in very different styles. Kati wrote her story about her dream trip to Japan, Kati’s Journey: One Teen’s Journey to Japan. Alex elected to write her stories in the form of poetry and prose with books titled Baby Bopp, My Memories and Waiting for Love.

Senior Kati Eberhart wrote her book about her trip to Japan.
“In the summer of 2012, I was able to take my dream trip to Japan. Before the trip, I promised my parents I would pay them back in some way, therefore I wrote a book recalling the adventures from my trip and encouraging other teenagers to follow their dreams. I uploaded my project on a site called Kickstarter, a site where the public can fund approved projects. You have a set number of days for your project to be funded and on the final day, my project was successfully funded. I then started a blog,, where I counted down the days until my trip and updated followers along the way.

“When I returned to school, I was approached with the idea to present my journey to the school’s anime club, which is exactly what I did earlier this year. Afterward, I was invited back to the final meeting where I signed books the members had purchased. I plan to major in Japanese and Korean languages in college with the hope of teaching English in Japan or South Korea and I hope that my book will help encourage other teenagers to pursue their interests.”

Alex Proca is currently a freshman and has written/published multiple books. Following is an excerpt from Waiting for Love.

There were screams of agony everywhere, A bit of shrapnel cut my face, but I didn’t even feel the pain. I knew we had to get out of there. Fumes choked me, but I kept running carrying two limp bodies in my arms. I kept running until a big blow knocked me out. That got us here. At least we were still together. We loved each other, and I would fight until death parted us to save my girls.

I opened my eyes and saw the little girl breathing quietly. ‘Lucy, my baby girl!’ I whispered as I brushed a strand of golden hair off of her fragile face, glistening in sunlight. I kissed her lightly on the cheek, and tears of relief trickled down and plunged onto her satin skin. Tulip was lying still, beautiful and helpless next to us. Were we condemned? What was waiting ahead of us?

Eberhart and Proca’s books can be found at