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H20 Challenge

This year's H2O challenge begins on Thursday, February 20 and ends on Ash Wednesday, March 5.

This annual event is sponsored by the Human Rights Club. The "challenge" is for participants (the event is open to every member of the BWHS family: students, faculty, alumni, etc.) to drink nothing but water for this 14-day period. We are asking those who accept the challenge to do the best that they can when it comes to refraining from other beverages! Instead of spending money on other drinks, such as milk, pop and coffee, participants are asked to set aside the money they would have spent on those items. A "scorecard," stating the suggested amount per beverage, will be made available via Theology classes. In addition, participants will receive a blue rubber band to wear during those 14-days; it should serve as a reminder and symbol of their willingness to participate in this truly life-saving event.

Money will be collected in Theology classes on Ash Wednesday-Friday, March 7. Any and all donations will be accepted and the money will be sent to Catholic Relief Services-Uganda, an organization that has a permanent presence in that region of the continent. Last year, the Human Rights Club was able to make a $2,500 donation to CRS-Uganda! The money will be used to provide the basic necessities of life: clean water, food, shelter, etc. If you have any questions, please contact David Klemm, HRC's moderator, at dklemm@cdeducation.org.