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H20 Challenge


This year's H2O challenge begins on Thursday, February 5 and ends on Ash Wednesday, February 18. The purpose of the drive is to commit to drinking nothing but water during the 14-day period. Instead of buying coffee, for example, have water instead and set aside the money you would have spent on the coffee. At the end of the challenge, you should have a sizeable amount of money to donate to our selected charity. 

The recipient of this year's fund will be the Passion Center for Children which serves children orphans and communities impacted by the AIDS disease and poverty in Malawi-in the heart of Africa where senior, Molly Cleary and her father, George, volunteered this summer

We are challenging EVERYONE in the BWHS family: students, teachers, alumni, and friends. Please consider joining the challenge even if you are unable to go with just water alone. Simply consider giving up your favorite beverage for two weeks. We want everyone to participate at the level that is best for them.

Blue rubber bands, worn by "contestants," and record sheets can be obtained from any Theology teacher. Theology teachers will be collecting money between February 5 and February 20. This fundraiser has been a HUGE success in the past; we expect this year's challenge to be the best one ever!

If you have any questions, then please contact Mr. David Klemm, Theology teacher and Human Rights Club moderator at dklemm@cdeducation.org. Thank you for your support!