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Beyond Cookies: the Science of
Molecular Gastronomy


The students in Katie Brosmer’s Advanced Culinary Techniques class have been busy creating interesting dishes using the scientific discipline of Molecular Gastronomy. This method uses a style of cooking in which scientific methods and equipment are used to alter the physical appearance of food created during the traditional cooking process.

Students in the class have created dishes from cinnamon marshmallows to coconut rice krispie treats while learning first-hand about the relationship between chemistry and the cooking process. They have made noodles out of mango juice and turned coffee and hot chocolate into foam using Carbon Dioxide.

“At first my students were a little apprehensive when I introduced the topic,” said Mrs. Brosmer. “They were concerned that we were going to use chemicals to create the products. But once they realized that all foods are made up of chemicals and that all of the chemicals we were using were plant or animal based, they were really excited.”

Several of Mrs. Brosmer’s past students have gone on to post-secondary work in the culinary sciences.