Art Class Transforms Cardboard Tube to BWHS-Themed Chemistry Class Prop | News | Bishop Watterson

Art Class Transforms Cardboard Tube to BWHS-Themed Chemistry Class Prop 

Upon its arrival at Bishop Watterson, it was little more than an uninteresting and somewhat average looking mailing tube that evolved into a colorful and cleverly designed chemistry prop.

In early fall, Abbott Laboratories graciously donated surplus laboratory equipment to Bishop Watterson's science department. While eyeing some glass tubing for his lab, chemistry instructor Dr. Ralph Nicolosi, couldn't help but take note of their shipping container as well. Upon first seeing the drab cardboard brown cylinder he immediately visualized its potential to demonstrate combustion variables to his chemistry classes.

Fast forward to a conversation with art teacher Ms. Kim Zacharias. It was unanimous! Tackling the appearance of this frog prince could be a fun project for her department, giving rise to a truly unique "arts and science" venture.

Ms. Zacharias extended the challenge to three of her students and guided their creative forces along the way. Christina Simmons, Claire Beckman and Talia Livecchi ultimately transformed the recyclable tube into a fun, Watterson red and gold, flaming combustion chamber!