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Girls Basketball

 Tom Woodford, Head Coach 

Row 1: Kiera Mulcahy, Regina Severance, Gabby Garrett, Lauren Sawyer, Paige Woodford, Priscilla Severance
Row 2: Asst. Coach Mary Kate Campbell, Asst. Coach Pam Hartford, Lainey Billing, Giavanna Paradiso, Grace Jenkins, Elizabeth Rabold, Gretchen Glanzman, Head Coach Tom Woodford

Row 1 : Halle Vozar, Lauren Lucki, Julianna DiSabato, Elizabeth D’Sa, Sammy Glanzman
Row 2 : Asst. Coach Kelli Cantwell, Elizabeth Rabold, Grace Jenkins, Elizabeth Van Paepeghem, Rachel Weithman, Asst. Coach Bob Dunning


Row 1 : Ava Karman, Maddie Egelhoff, Allie Gleason, Olivia Iceman
Row 2 : Grace McMonagle, Maddie Bogan, Rachel Weaver, Emily Dixon
Row 3 : Asst. Coach Thad Paskell, Megan Eberts, Annie Silleck, Isabelle Payton, Abbey Giesler, Asst. Coach Michle Nikolai

Regina Severance, Pricilla Severance, Gabby Garrett, Giavanna Paradiso, Lauren Sawyer, Kiera Mulcahy


Lady Eagles fall to Thomas 51-41 in OHSAA tourney. End at 20-4 and CCL Champs.
The 2015-2016 Associated Press All-Central District girls all-star basketball teams
Honorable mention: Gabby Garrett, Claire Jenkins


ThisWeek News - Girls basketball team earns outright title - For the eighth time in nine seasons, the girls basketball team captured at least a share of the CCL championship when it beat Ready 58-56 in overtime on Feb. 4.
ThisWeek News - Watterson CCL champions Varsity Girls Basketball
Row 1: Gabby Garrett, Lauren Sawyer, Olivia Williams, Kiera Mulcahy, Regina Severance, Priscilla Severance
Row 2: Asst. Coach Pam Hartford, Giavanna Paradiso, Michaela Bigler, Claire Jenkins, Julie Warren, Lainey Billing, Head Coach Tom Woodford

Girls Basketball Captains: Julie Warren, Michaela Bigler, Claire Jenkins

Junior Varsity Girls Basketball
Row 1: Gianna Clegg, Olivia Rotolo, Maura Pirrmann, Annie Lucia, Brigid O’Brien, Halle Vozar
Row 2: Asst. Coach Kelli Cantwell, Gretchen Glanzman, Elizabeth Rabold, Elizabeth Van Paepeghem, Grace Jenkins, Claire Beckman, Asst. Coach Bob Dunning

Freshmen Girls Basketball
Row 1: Kiernan Clegg, Lauren Lucki, Elizabeth D’Sa, Sammy Glanzman, Payton Orians
Row 2: Asst. Coach Michele Nikolai, Bella Pizer, Emma Schuler, Julianna DiSabato, Rachel Weithman, Asst. Coach Thad Paskell

ThisWeek News 2/4/16 - Girls squad focused on outright title
Dispatch 11/21/15 - Watterson’s way of doing things breeds success
Eagles in the News
- Girls basketball team won 17 games, CCL title. The girls basketball team finished 17-8
OGSAA District Bracket
- March 3, District Tourney - Olentangy Liberty 48-32

VARSITY - Row 1: Michaela Bigler, Jordyn Brobst, Julianna Bigler, Sydney Mayle, Claire Jenkins
Row 2: Asst. Coach Pam Hartford, Monica Buoni, Maria Fisher, Julie Warren, Maggie McCarthy,
Bryn McQuade, Erin O’Brien, Head Coach Tom Woodford                      Not pictured: Reilly Hagler
JV - Row 1: Alyssa King, Lainey Billing, Kara Rutkowski, Gabby Garrett, Kiera Mulcahy
Row 2: Asst. Coach Kelli Cantwell, Gianna Clegg, Torie Sullivan, Olivia Williams, Regina Severance, Lauren Sawyer, Priscilla Severance, Asst. Coach Bob Dunning

FRESHMAN - Row 1: Maura Pirrmann, Hope Santangelo, Elizabeth Van Paepeghem, Claire Beckman, Gretchen Glanzman
Row 2: Asst. Coach Thad Paskell, Halle Vozar, Anna Wenzinger, Brigid O’Brien, Annie Lucia,
Francesca Passen, Nina Buoni, Asst. Coach Michele Nikolai           Not pictured: Olivia Rotolo

Girls basketball CCL Champions: BWHS 47, St. Francis DeSales 30.
2013-2014 Final score of the district semifinal: UA 45-BWHS 31 ThisWeek News 2.28.14 Girls basketball team reaches district semifinal

Coach Woodford recorded his 200th career win on December 7, 2013
against Whetstone 61-40.

Varsity Girls Basketball

Row 1: Maggie McCarthy, Sydney Mayle, Juliana Bigler, Bryn McQuade, Maria Fisher

Row 2: Asst Coach Pam Hartford, Emily Aman, Rachel Limes, Makenzie Bevins, Dominique Garrett, Head Coach Tom Woodford

JV Girls Basketball

Row 1: Monica Buoni, Caroline Sugar, Michaela Bigler, Shannon Maloney, Lauren Hamlett, Erin O’Brien

Row 2: Asst. Coach Kelli Cantwell, Reilly Hagler, Kira Keaslov, Claire Jenkins, Julie Warren,
Asst. Coach Bob Dunning

Frosh Girls Basketball

Row 1: Priscilla Severance, Lauren Sawyer, Alyssa King, Olivia Williams, Regina Severance, Gabby Garrett, Gianna Clegg

Row 2: Asst. Coach Anna Frye, Jeanette Pfeiffer, Kenzie hughes, Kara Rutkowski, Katie Theado, Kiera Mulcahy, Asst. Coach Kevin Kent

Pam Hartford, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach, in the news.  more

2012-13 AWARDS
CCL Tri-Champions
All-Central District Teams
ThisWeeks News 2.27.13  All-Central District Teams
Girls Varsity Basketball - Beat Westland 48-32 in sectional play but lost to Coffman on Feb 20.
OHSAA 2013 Girls Basketball Bracket
ThisWeek News:  2.27.13  Girls basketball team falls in second round
Kayla Cook has signed a letter of intent to play basketball at Ohio Dominican University. more


Row 1: Alex Statczar, MaKenzie Bevins, Sydney Mayle, Maggie McCarthy, Emily Aman
Row 2: Head Coach Tom Woodford, Annie Gavin, Kayla Cook, Emma Nikolai, Dominique Garrett, Asst. Coach Pam Hartford
Row 3: Alexis Mayle, Amber Preston, Rachel Limes

2011-2012 Co-CCL Champions
The Varsity Girls Basketball team (18-5, 6-2) concluded their regular season as Co-CCL Champions.  This is the fifth year in a row that the girls have won the CCL championship. Reynoldsburg HS defeated the Eagles on March 1 in the District semifinals.  Reynoldsburg is currently ranked #1 in the state.

Row 1: Ellie Ganz, Judy Sauter, Ashley Andracki, Regina Smith, Alex Statczar, Emily Aman
Row 2: Asst. Coach Pam Hartford, MaKenzie Bevins, Celeste Cantwell, Alexis Mayle, Kayla Cook, Emma Nikolai, Annie Gavin, Head Coach Tom Woodford

2012 Co-CCL Champions
2010 and 2009 CCL Champions
2009 D-I District Runner-Up

The lady Eagles won the league for the fifth year in a row and out of the last nine years  have been to the district finals three times and won the district in 2004. They also made it to the district semifinals six of the last nine years as well.

Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams are fielded.

Coaching Staff

Tom Woodford, Head Coach
Pam Hartford, Varsity Assistant Coach
Bob Dunning, JV Head Coach
Kelli Cantwell, JV Assistant Coach
Kevin Kent, Head Freshman Coach    
Anna Fry, Assistant Freshman Coach    




October - March


Varsity and JV have a three day tryout.
Freshmen have a four day tryout.

Special Notes

Practice every day except Sunday sometime between 3:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Games and practice will be held during Christmas break. Arrive for tryouts in good physical condition. Physical exam prior to season is required.